ESN Publications invites Papers in the area of Economics, Finance and Social Science, Original Research Papers, Survey Papers, Case Studies and Academic or Scholarly Articles are cordially invited to submit papers for the International conference on Economics, Finance and Social Science.


Conference Scope


Managerial Economics

Economic Developments And Policy

Global Economics

General Economics

Indian Economy

International Economics

Quantitative Economics

Financial Economics

Sustainable Development and Special Economic Zones

Health Economics

Labour Economics

International Trade

Globalization and Economic Growth

Commodities Markets

Economic Growth and Development

Poverty and Human Development

Regulatory Economics

Environment and National Economy

Trade Economics

Emerging Economics

World Trade Organization

International Trade

Foreign Direct Investment

Public Finance Ethics

Inclusive Growth and Microfinance

Social and Economic Policy

Regional Economic Development

Business and Economics

Economical Strategy



Corporate Finance

Risk Management and Insurance

Financial Management

Stock Market

Bond Market

Financial Accounting

Money Market Dealings

Quantitative Finance

Risk Management

Micro Finance

Market Regulations

Personal Wealth Management

Long Term Funding

Capital Markets

Environmental Risk and Safety


International Finance

Finance and Investments

Modern Finance

Islamic Finance

Financial Markets and Institutions

Financial Risk Management

Financial Markets and Institutions

Behavioural Finance


Social Science

Crime and Socio-legal Studies

Political Sociology

Urban, Rural And Industrial Sociology

Immigration and Ethnicity

Social Policy

Social Work and Legislation

Global Warming

Environmental Science

Social Media

Factor Mobility

Cultural Integration – Migration

Global Financial Crisis



Social Geography