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We inviting all Researchers, Professors , Students to Join with us. 
Emerging Students Network (ESN) Publication and ESN Research Group inviting Professors, Doctorates and contemporaneous  researchers in the field of Engineering, Science, Management, Arts, Business, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Humanities, Social sciences, Innovative Technology and Scientific Management.
As we planned for several conference all over the world for that we are looking for professionals who can be as a Editor, Guest editor, Advisor, reviewer , organizers and also partner to work with us for this and upcoming conferences. Interested can send a mail to with their updates CV and photo 
Therefore, ESN Publication and ESN Research has taken an initiative to setup ESN Journals and categorized the research field for peer –reviewed, open access journals to be published bi-monthly, quarterly.
ESN Journals requires Editor in chiefs, Editorial board members, Advisory and Review Members on the following Journals:
ESN International Journal of Engineering and Technology
ESN International Journal of Applied Science and Management
ESN International Journal Of Medical, Nursing, Health Science and Pharmaceutical Sciences
ESN International Journal of Economics and Social Science.
ESN International Journal of Agriculture, Food Science and Bio-Technology
ESN International Journal of Political Science, Law And Religions
ESN International Journal of Arts, Architecture, Finance, Science and Humanities
These journals will be organized into volumes and issues. There is no primary responsibility of editorial board members. As this position is optional; editors will not be paid by the company, for this task. All editors can give advisory opinions and contributions for journals. If you are interested in joining us, please complete the registration process.
If you want to join the editorial board of our journal(s) please specify the name of the journal(s) which you would like to join, Mail this Application letter with genuine signature which has been attached in this mail. Please attache your CV. Send your Application and CV to . At the end of this process we will send you a validation mail.
We sincerely hope you will accept our invitation to join the editorial board of our journals.