ESN Publications planned for an World Record Attempt. I am pleased to invite you to our “ESN International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation” (ICMRI-2020).


On behalf of “ESN International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research and Innovation” ICMRI-2020), ESN Publication is one of the leading Publishers in the world; ESN Publication conducts many International, National Conferences in various places in the country. Now we planned to make a World Record attempt. Join hands with ESN Publications. We need your support for this great effort.


The main aim of this record is to create awareness about research. The record is to have an international conference for 150 hours continuous presentation. It’s a team record. Each participant need to present their paper for 30 Min to 1 hour about their research.


As by our plan we need only 300 Participants, 40 Keynote Speakers maximum for making this world record, So the selection depends upon the quality of research as well as First come basis, so there is no deadline for paper submission and registration, Submission starts from January 01st 2020, Acceptance of paper will be intimate only through mail within 7 to 10 working days, Your slot will be confirmed within 10 days from your registration. You must come and present on the allotted slot. Online video presentation is not allowed. If the selected candidate is not able to present on the allotted date, world record certificate will not be provided, only conference certificate could be issue as in-absentia mode.


Join hands with us, we cannot achieve this World record by our own, and we need all your support to have this Record. We are sure this record will make awareness about Research to the students.


We are pleasured to invite you for our International conference.


More details contact us as